Introduction to Medical Billing and Coding Course



No experience or knowledge is required. Anatomy and Medical Terminology is not required but highly recommended to assist students in becoming a proficient and successful coder.

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Introduction to Medical Billing and Coding Course 80 hours 

This program introduces the student to ICD-10-CM, CPT®, Modifiers, HCPCS, HIPAA, Fraud and Abuse, and all aspects of the insurance field and insurance companies. The student will learn how to read a SOAP note and properly fill out a CMS-1500 health claim form. Professional ethics and standards are also covered. The basic knowledge to obtain an entry-level position will be covered in this class. Students will receive a certificate of completion after successfully passing this program. After completion of this course, the student is prepared to take AMBA’s (American Medical Billing Association) CMRS (Certified Medical Reimburse Specialist) and CMCS (Certified Medical Coding Specialist) certification exams.